Monday, April 25, 2011

Here comes Peter Cottontail...

YAY for Easter!  It has always been my favorite holiday, even as a kid.  And Easter 2011 was a great one as well.  We started celebrating at the beginning of April. Every morning, Caeden, Ella and I would sit down to read the Bible story of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.  We also worked on our memory verse "Jesus is Alive!", which they can both say now.  We made some fun crafts and sang some songs about how Jesus is Alive and how that makes us sooo happy!  When we talk about it, we all get excited and clap our hands! ;)

Then came last week...on Thursday we went to an Easter Party, which was great fun.  When we first got there, we made some crafts. 

A chick...

And a bunny...

Then we played a game of Ring Toss
on the bunny's ears!

Finally, the Easter egg hunt!

We then went inside where we had some fun easter snacks, and got our party favors.  It was a great morning!

On Friday night, we had some friends over for dinner, and dyed some Easter eggs!

We were planning on going to the city-wide Easter egg hunt on Saturday afternoon, but it got rained out. :(  HOWEVER, we had some fun at Ella's 2nd birthday party that day!!

On Sunday, we went to church to celebrate Jesus' resurrection, came home for lunch, took lots of pictures with family, and had an indoor Easter egg hunt...since it was STILL raining.  Here are some pictures:

Well, I think that's it!  We had a wonderful Easter together, and I pray you did too!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our Super Saturday!!

We had a busy, fun Saturday today and thought I would share with you what we did!  It started with Reid getting to sleep in, while Caeden and I made him muffins.  This was the first time for Caeden to help me in the kitchen and it was fun (but messy).  By the time we finished, there was literally batter all over the counter, the cabinets, the fridge, and the back splash.  But he tried his hardest and we had fun in the process!

Dumping the mix into the bowl...Notice his facial expression...It's like he's really concentrating! ;)

Dumping the water into the bowl...

And stirring!

And of course, licking the whisk!

After breakfast, Caeden and Mommy went outside to the backyard to play for awhile - the weather was super nice!!  We then got all ready and went to Gymboree for our "gym class!"  Caeden looks forward to this every Saturday morning and gets excited when I say the magic two words: gym class!  Today we learned about the concepts "pushing" and "pulling."  So we did lots of pushing and pulling of objects in our class!

We then came home to take a nap and eat lunch.  Mommy and Daddy ran some errands in the afternoon and Caeden was a great trooper while letting us shop!  So we decided to make a quick 15 min stop to the park on our way to dinner!

And lastly, it was to Chick-fil-a for dinner...where we were meeting some friends!

After we got Caeden home, bathed, and in bed, we were cleaning up and heard some chirping in the kitchen.  You see, Reid hatches chicks or ducklings each year for his class.  Well, this year the "hatching day" fell on the weekend, so he brought them home for us to watch!  We ran to the chirping sound and got to watch the whole process of the duckling hatching!  It was so cool!  Unfortunately, Caeden was already asleep, which I was bummed about.  But we'll definitely let him hold it once it's safe to take out of the incubator.  So I thought I would share some pictures.  The first pic is when it was halfway hatched.  And the second one is once it's completely hatched!

As you can see, the Pierce family had a busy, FUN-FILLED, "Super Saturday!"  Thanks for letting me share!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Shorts & Sandals!

With the few days of nice weather we had this weekend,
Caeden got to wear his first pair of shorts & sandals! 
Just wanted to share a picture!  Yay for Spring!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Welcome Spring!

I write this to you after a long, but eventful day...Most of it being outside.  Reid, Caeden, and I went on a hike along Tanyard Creek in Bella Vista.  The trail is only a couple miles, but with a 1.5 year old, it seemed much longer! ;)  After realizing the trail was pretty rocky, and seeing that Caeden had fallen before we even started, we decided to put him in the handy backpack that Uncle Rhett bought him last year.

We hiked down to a waterfall and spent a lot of time hanging out there and taking pictures.

On the way back, the path started to get a little smoother & less rocky.  So we let Caeden down to walk.  This is the part that took the longest since we had to stop every 5 feet (literally) to look at the plants (that we had already seen) and pick flowers for mommy.  He was so particular that he would even tell me which hand he wanted me to hold the flowers in.  If I put them in the opposite hand, he noticed and got upset!

It was a great time!  Afterwards, we finished off the afternoon by having some "park time!"  Caeden loves to play at the park, even after a long hike.  We are excited about spring, so we can do many more outdoor activities like this one.  Here are a few more pictures.  These were taken at the end of the trail...