Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mommy & Caeden Day!!!

So first I have to report that Reid and I had a lovely 24 hours alone last weekend.  Caeden was at Nana & Papa's while Daddy & Mommy got to go to dinner, watch a GREAT movie that I would highly recommend ("Life as You Know It"), sleep in until 10:00am!!, and watch some Razorback Football with Amber and Caleb.  It was a good time!

Ella has been gone this whole week, so mommy and Caeden have gotten some special time together. :)  Although I know he misses his friend (he goes to look at her empty bed throughout the day), we have had much fun together.  On Monday, we went to Joplin to see his grandparents and aunts and uncles...what fun!

On Tuesday, it was rainy.  So we played inside, went to the "zoo" (A.K.A. PetCo), and played outside when we got home. By the way, I have to tell you that his favorite animals at PetCo were the birds, cats, and mice!!!  Seriously???  But it was funny to watch!  He kept going back to those same animals and would watch them for such a long time! HA! 

On Wednesday, we went to eat lunch with Daddy at school, went to Target, played outside, and then went grocery shopping after Caeden's nap.  Normally, we don't go on a whole lot of outings because it's so hard to get 2 babies out.  But we've been out & about lots this week. 

TODAY, Nana is coming to visit!  So Caeden is just having a week full of fun!  And so is mommy!  As much as I love having Ella here to love on and to play with Caeden, I have enjoyed this private, special time that we've had together.  :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Still learning..

So Caeden had two "firsts" yesterday.  Neither were something like smiling or walking....but they were just as memorable.  The first one was not such a good one.  But he got to experience time-out for the first time yesterday. :(  But I have to DID work (this one time anyway...)!  After me repetitively telling him "no" and moving him away from what he was doing wrong, he continued to do the wrong thing and was even MORE insistent about it.  So I put him in his crib by himself for a few minutes, then we talked, then he didn't do it anymore.  Again, I HOPE this continues to work if I need to use it anymore.  I'm sure some days won't be as effective....I'm prepared for that.  But it was encouraging to see that it worked the first time.

Now the second "first" was much more special!  So we have prayed with Caeden every night before bed since he was a baby.  We always take his hands in ours and put them together while we pray.  And we try to pray before meals, but I will admit that I'm pretty sporadic about that during the day.  HOWEVER, I've remembered before almost every meal this week.  He's been so good to let me put his hands together while we say a short prayer before we eat.  WELLLLL....last night we finished his bath and putting on his pajamas and sat in his rocker.  Then he immediately put his hands together on his own!  We hadn't even put ours together yet. :)  He knew what it was time for.  And as usual he sat quietly while we prayed.  We tell him each time that we're going to "pray and talk to God."  Even though I'm sure he doesn't understand what we're doing.  It was huge to me that he KNEW what we were going to do next and that it was important enough to do every night.  I pray every day that he grows to have an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus and maybe this is just the beginning...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

So we took Caeden to the pumpkin patch today!  When we took him a year ago, he was only 2 mos old.  It's so crazy that this year he was walking around and picking up pumpkins everywhere. :)  We just went to a local stand to get some cute pictures.  His favorite part was carrying around (and throwing) the really small pumpkins. We let him pick out his own and that was the one he liked best. Ha!  So now it's sitting on the fireplace...mainly for him to play with.  Our "real" pumpkins will be on the front porch.  He had fun and so did we!  I know it's only going to get more & more fun as he gets older!  Enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Finally...An Update!!

So after seven weeks, I've finally found time to sit down and update you on our lives. :)  Since I have so many followers...haha.  Yeah, August and September were very busy for us and we were out of town almost every weekend, visiting grandparents in Carl Junction, taking Caeden on his first trip to the zoo, going to Razorback football games, and going camping. Sigh....It's finally slowing down.  Now that fall has hit, we actually don't have anything big going on this entire month!!

So just as a small update, Caeden has been having much fun during the day playing with Ella.  We play outside EVERY DAY as I'm trying to take advantage of this weather before winter hits.  He still loves his playset he got for his birthday, and is learning how to use it in more of a purposeful way. :) 

The last 3 months, we've gone to First Friday which is one of our favorite family events.  We get to go hang out on the square, Caeden gets to eat Chick-fil-a (which he loves), Reid and I get to buy our Swalty popcorn and Caeden LOVES the ponies.

Several weeks ago, Caeden also learned how to eat at the table without his high chair!  Much cleaner for mom and dad!  However, I will say that during messy meals, we definitely pull out the tray. :)

And about a month ago, Reid and I found out that we're going to be an AUNT & UNCLE for the first time!  This is so exciting for us...and so weird to actually say. :)  My sister Amber, and her husband Caleb, are 15 weeks along and due on March 24.  We are so excited  and can't wait for Caeden to have a new cousin!  Here's a picture of her from last weekend (at 15 wks).

And as some of you have seen on Facebook, Caeden got his first haircut last week.  It was finally getting long and straggly enough, that it needed some style.  He looks so cute and "grown up" now.

And lastly, I just want to mention how loving he is right now.  Caeden LOVES giving hugs and kisses...and I'm soaking up every one of them.  Two nights ago, he was crying after his bath while we were putting on his PJ's.  I stopped, picked him up and laid his head on my shoulder.  After a minute of comforting him, he looked up at me, smiled, and gave me a big open-mouthed kiss!  I said "Thank You" and he gave me another.  Then he just contentedly laid his head back down on my shoulder.  So sweet!  It was like his kissing me was his way of telling me thank you for picking him up and making him feel better.  I love this boy!  Thank you God for blessing us with Caeden!