Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Bucket List #1

At the beginning of the summer, we made a fun list of things we wanted to do this summer.  We have been slowly marking some things off our list, and here are some pictures of what we've been doing to make our summer fun and memorable!

They started building right behind us....which has resulted in
FUN construction trucks right behind our backyard!  So 
we watch lots of bulldozers, back hoes, and cement trucks.
This was a night we let Caeden have at the big dirt pile
with HIS construction trucks - so fun for a little boy!

We've done lots of swimming!

Caeden & Darby (our neighbor)

Ella, Caeden & Callie

Had a water balloon fight!

Made Ice Eggs! (thanks Pinterest!)
When we were filling up water balloons, 
we put some small toys in a few of them and froze them.
The next day, we took some out, cut off the balloon,
and Caeden got to chip away - trying to get his toy out! 
So fun!  He loved banging on something with his real hammer
and not getting in trouble!

All of our ice eggs in the freezer

Checkin' it out...

Got it cracked open!

And of course....some sprinkler fun!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Callie: 8 months!

My big girl just keeps growing and is growing more of a personality each month!  (The above picture is her sassy look!)  Callie just turned 8 months old, so this is a summary of Callie's eighth month (when she was 7 mos old).

Callie's eating patterns stayed pretty similar to the previous month.  She only breastfed once a day (when she first woke up), and finally dropped that last feeding right when she turned 8 months old.  So, she is now exclusively formula-fed.  We continued to introduce some new solid foods this month.  There are definitely foods she isn't crazy about (peas, carrots, and all store-bought food), but she will still eat them even if she doesn't love them.  She would then usually drink 4-5 oz after eating.  She still went 3.5-4 hours between feedings.  So she continued to be on a breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner eating schedule.  Sometimes she would drink a bottle at bedtime, and sometimes she didn't need/want it.

She also started eating the baby "puffs" and "yogurt bites" this month, but we fed them to her.  She could grab them and bring them to her mouth, but the finger food was usually clutched in her fist and she couldn't get it into her mouth.  We're still workin' on it! ;)  She is drinking from a sippy cup now....she did that the day she turned 8 months old!

Callie's naps were fickle this month.  Sometimes they were extremely short (30 minutes all day) and sometimes they were great (1.5-2 hours).  She continued to take 3 naps a day (morning, afternoon, evening), but towards the end of her seventh month, she was starting to drop her evening nap.  There were some evenings she didn't need this nap.  She still falls asleep very easily and quickly, and always wakes up happy.

Her nighttime sleep continued as usual.  She can now put her paci back in at night, and she still usually sleeps 11-12 hours.  Most nights she was in bed around 7:30-8:00pm.  The beginning of her seventh month, she was an early riser, waking between 5:30-6:00am each morning.  Thankfully that only lasted a little over a week....then she was back to her normal wake-up time (7-7:30am).

Callie still played well by herself during this month.  She would usually sit with some toys, or in her jumperoo, or exersaucer for 15-20 minutes, and then usually started fussing - but mostly because she was bored.  She and Caeden still loved to play with each other.  They loved seeing each other when one of them woke up....It's the sweetest thing!  I don't know that Callie had an especially "favorite" toy this month - she's just pretty content with whatever.  She enjoyed having books read to her - especially when they are books with flaps!  She loves to lift & close the flaps.

So sweet!  Love this bond!

Chewing on Caeden's sock monkey...

So daddy decided to join in on the fun!

Playing in big brother's tent!

 Towards the end of Callie's seventh month, it finally warmed up enough to try the pool!  We went to a friend's pool and she didn't like the "big" pool (still a little too chilly), but she LOVED the 1 foot baby pool!  She just stood and splashed, and splashed, and splashed!  She would get so excited, and bounce and smile! It was so fun watching her enjoy the pool so much!

First time swimming this summer!!

Ella, Caeden & Callie

It was during this month that Mommy took a 3 day trip to Daytona Beach with her mom & sisters.  This means that Callie & Caeden were left behind with Daddy & Nonni.  I (mommy) was so excited for my trip away, but was sick at my stomach all day on the day we left.  It just seemed so long to be away.  Callie (supposedly) did great while I was away (but I'm sure she missed me)! ;)  I had a wonderfully relaxing time, but I definitely missed her & Caeden tons!  When I first returned home, she showed no expressions or emotions for 10-15 minutes...I kinda wondered if she even remembered me!  But then she got very excited, happy, jumping, and cuddly!  It was a sweet reunion!!  And while I hate to admit it, I guess she can survive a few days without her mommy!

Weight: Not sure??
Length:  Not sure on this one either??
Clothes size:  6-12 mos,  9 mos
Shoe size:  1
Diaper size:  3

During her seventh month, Callie started:

  • clapping! 
  • drinking from a sippy cup
  • taking a bath in the "big" bathtub
  • understanding the word "no" (when we use this word, she immediately stops what she's doing)
First night to drink from the sippy cup by herself!

And then clapping!  Yay Callie!  :)

BIG bathtub!
She wasn't a fan the first few times,
but now she's back to loving bath time!

Oh Callie!  You just fill our days with smiles and laughs!  You make the funniest facial expressions right now, and are developing your own little personality!  We pray that as you grow, you use this joyful personality to bring glory to God!  We also pray that your love for your big brother's so sweet watching how you adore him right now!  Slow down little girl - We cherish each day with you!