Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blog Catch-Up

Man, have I been an awful blogger lately!  It's been two months since I've posted ANYTHING and lots of things have happened since then.  There's no way to recap it all (like the 3 snows we've had in the last 2 months)....but here are a few pictures from January & February!

We got to go to a Razorback basketball game...
just us...
no kids... :)

We have a friend who got a bouncy house for Christmas!
They invited us over to play and the kids had a blast!

Caeden got to go to a Razorback basketball game too!
Just him and Daddy!  He loved it!
He told us he wants to go every time, and stay until bedtime!

A pirate snuck into our house one day...

We went to Tulsa one weekend with just Caeden!
He needed some one-on-one time with us!
So Callie stayed with Nana & Papa while we took Caeden to Tulsa!
This was at the Children's Discovery Center!
It is a tunnel made of packing tape!! Seriously!
It was big enough that even us adults could go through it, 
and it went throughout the whole big room. 
Here is Caeden running through one of the packing tape tunnels!

At the end, there was a packing tape slide....
so here he is going down it!

Playing with the vacuum sucker tubes!
ps....we did lots of other fun things in Tulsa,
but this is all we got pics of!

Cruising on one of our "warmer" days!

Playing in the rain with Daddy! 

She has her purse & phone...
and is ready to go!
(15 mos)

Reading stories before bed

One day when we were playing outside, Callie found an old washcloth
and set it out real nicely.  She then proceeded to go around the yard
and collect random things, and she would
place them in just the right place.  She did this over & over! 

And here's our sweet girl (just a few days before turning 17 mos old)
This was a super warm day (of 70 degrees) and she got
to wear her sandals!  She loved them!