Thursday, July 14, 2011

Caeden's Pizza!!

We decided to make our own mini-pizzas for lunch today.  Since it seemed like something Caeden could totally do, we made it a family activity.  Caeden seriously had a blast!  When Reid walked in halfway through, Caeden squealed the loudest, most excited squeal when Daddy saw his pizzas.  He was so excited and so proud!  Pretty funny!

Here are the ingredients we started with:
Biscuits, pizza sauce, shredded cheese, pepperoni, and chopped bell pepper & onion

Caeden mashed down each biscuit to make our crust

Then he added the pizza sauce,

Sprinkled on the cheese,

And topped with pepperoni, bell pepper, and onion!
Here are our finished, pre-cooked pizzas!
You can tell he is so proud!! :)

And the finished product!! Yum!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Finally...a camping trip we could stay for!

So, last weekend our family took our first camping trip of the summer!  What a HOT weekend to go!  The heat index was 105 degrees, which is crazy!  Thank goodness for my parents' BIG camper that has AC!!!  If you remember right, we took two camping trips with Caeden last summer and had to leave both of them early.  The first one was due to a high fever and a double ear infection.  The second one due to him being awake from 1:30-4:30am and refusing to sleep, so we left in the middle of the night.

Well, finally, this camping trip was a success!!!  We stayed out at Horseshoe Bend, which is on Beaver Lake.  When we first arrived on Friday afternoon, Caeden just walked around and took it all in.  Since he loves being outside anyway, he was in heaven!

The next morning, my mom made us a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon & toast. 

After eating, we just relaxed and had some "playtime" outside.  Caeden liked watching the boys ride their bikes....and wished he could ride one.  He had his four-wheeler there, but apparently it just wasn't he same.

Then, it was off to swim in the lake for awhile!

Caeden also liked to sit on the shore...digging in the dirt and finding rocks. 

He also enjoyed standing in the water and running from the boat waves. :)

We spent the rest of the day just relaxing and playing outside.  On Sunday morning, we got up to watch my dad and cheer him on as he ran a triathalon!!  Here he is just after he finished his 500M swim in the lake!!  He's hurrying to get to his bike!

And off to ride 15 miles!!

And this is him as he finished the 5K run!!  Notice Clay running right behind him - He joined my dad for the last 1/2 mile of the race.  GO DAD!!!  WE'RE SO PROUD OF YOU!!

As hot as the weather was, we still had a great time camping!  And I'm so relieved to know that Caeden totally enjoyed himself and even slept well. As a family, we really enjoy camping.  So after last year, I'm happy to report that this camping trip was a success!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fun with Friends!

One of my (and Caeden's) favorite parts of the week is our play group on Friday mornings!  There are 6 of us girls who meet every week with our kiddos to play.  As much as the kids enjoy it, I think us moms enjoy it even more!  Last Friday, we went to a friend's house and she had lots of water toys set out.  There were only 3 of us here that day, but Zoe, Kyle & Caeden had so much fun together!  Just wanted to post some pictues!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

As many of you, we had a busy weekend leading up to the 4th of July!  Caeden and I started last Monday reading lots of books about this holiday.  We talked about the flag, the colors of the flag, and fireworks...and of course, explaining the reason we do all these things (in two-year-old terms).  Now, everytime he sees an american flag, he yells "Flag!!"  And everytime he sees or hears fireworks he says, "BOOM!"  He saw some extra bottle rockets sitting in our garage this morning, pointed at them and yelled "BOOM!"  So I think he's already starting to enjoy this holiday.  The last few days were very busy for us and I have lots of fun pictures.  So I'm going to quickly re-cap each day!

While mommy was babysitting a baby boy for a few hours, Caeden played outside in the water with Daddy!  Caeden's "new" thing is that he likes to stand on the side of the pool and jump in by himself.  Notice he doesn't have a swimsuit on...This is just how Daddies think! :)

We woke up Friday morning and went to play group at the Bentonville Splash Pad, which is FREE!  Caeden had fun running in the water and having snacks with his buddies!  After lunch and a nap, we drove to Joplin.  Since Reid was out of town for the night, we went to spend the night with Nana and Papa (Ashley's parents).  *Sorry - no pictures from this day.

We spent the morning with Nana & Papa, mostly playing outside.  After nap, Caeden got to see his Nonnie for a little bit (Reid's mom).  Then, it was back to Northwest Arkansas.  We went to a birthday party for Caeden's friend, Kyle.  It was an ice cream theme and was super fun and super cute!  This was Caeden's first time to have an ice cream cone and he loved it!

The birthday boy - Kyle!

We spent Sunday afternoon with Reid's family.  His mom, grandmother, and brother came over for the afternoon to celebrate an early July 4th!  We had a big lunch, played outside with bubbles, did some fireworks, and just played with some toys inside.  It was a fun, but relaxing day with family.

 Showing off the parachute he caught!

 Uncle Rhett helping Caeden pull a confetti popper.

Throwing some Snappers - These were Caeden's FAVORITE!

In the afternoon, we went over to our friends Trent & Sarah's house to spend the 4th together.  Caeden & Zoe (their 2-year-old little girl) had fun swimming!  Caeden would lay on his belly, move his arms and say, "I mimming, Mommy! I mimming!"  (mimming = swimming)  We had a yummy dinner, played outside some more, and then did some fireworks when it got dark.  Caeden also got to stay up until 9:30 and watch the "real" fireworks in the sky.  This was his first time to do this, since he was too little last year.  He loved them and each time said, "Boom!"  Overall, we had a BUSY, but FUN weekend!  Hope yours was just as great!

Reid pulling the kids on a large cardboard box!
This was hilarious to watch!

Zoe attempting to pull Caeden...She didn't get very far! HA!