Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Callie: 11 months!

Oh. My. Goodness. My little girl is really 11 months old. For some reason, when Callie turned 10 months old, it didn't seem THAT much older to me...It was still like a "baby" age. But when she turned 11 months old, it seemed so much older!  It just made me a little sad....She is so close to being one year old! We are nearing the end of her first year....and it just doesn't feel like its been one. year.

Caeden's first year went by extremely slow, and I was so ready and relieved to hit the one-year mark. But seeing that I had a much better, more enjoyable mom experience this time, I don't want this first year to end.... Anyhow, let's check out everything she did this past month as she continued to grow (whether I like it or not). This post is about everything she did in her 11th month (when she was 10 mos old).

Callie's eating has mostly remained the same this past month. She continued to eat both solids and a bottle at each feeding (breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner/bedtime). When she turned 10.5 mos old, we dropped her afternoon bottle. She just got solids and a cup of formula for her snack. Then two weeks later, at 11 months old, we dropped her lunchtime bottle. Again, she gets her normal food with a cup of formula. She has done completely fine with dropping both of these bottles. She doesn't act hungrier than normal and doesn't seem to miss them. So right now, at 11 mos, she only takes a small bottle after breakfast and a bedtime bottle.

Her favorite thing to eat is always yogurt. She gets so excited when we pull yogurt out of the fridge and the whole time she's eating it she says, "Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!"

She doesn't have any food she strongly dislikes. The only time she doesn't eat well is when she's just not hungry. She also started eating more table foods this month. At each meal, Callie usually eats some (if not all) of what we as a family are eating. She always prefers this over her baby food.

Found a french fry under
the table after lunch! 

Nothing has really changed with Callie's sleeping. She goes to bed easily at night, and sleeps 12 hours (from 7pm-7am). She has been fighting her naps a little more but for the most part, she still lays down very easily. She takes two naps (around 10am and 2pm) and sleeps about 1-1.5 hours each nap. She always wakes up happy, just playing in her crib until we go to get her.

Callies new favorite thing this past month became playing outside. She will sit by the front or back door, just staring outside, and hitting the door. She will fuss because she wants to go out. If the big kids go in the back yard, she will stare at them from the back door and cry/whine because she wants to be out there with them. And if she wants to go out, she will usually look at me and start waving...her way of telling me she wants to go bye-bye (or outside). It's just hard when we're out there because she can't walk and she wants to be down and crawling....but she just gets her little knees scraped up. So we usually either swing or ride in the Cozy Coupe, but after awhile she just wants down. Playing outside will become much easier when she starts walking! :)

Wanting to go outside...  :(

While inside she still plays very well by herself. She loves to walk around in her walker, and also loves to play close to Caeden and Ella. She will usually crawl into whatever room they're in and start playing. When the door is just closed to a crack, she knows how to open and close doors, by pushing and pulling on them. If she crawls to the room and the door is completely closed she starts hitting it and crying like " Let me in!"

Still puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!

Cuddling with her baby! 

Callie added "dada" to her minimal repertoire of words this past month. I have to say, she LOVES her daddy! While she loves being with mommy too, she gets so excited when she sees Daddy...kicking her feet, smiling real big, and grunting. When she hears him walk in after work, she crawls as fast as she can to the kitchen garage door....she knows Daddy is home! As far as other words, there have been a few times she has imitated us saying "night night" and "bye bye" but these aren't consistent things she says yet.

Callie finally cut her first tooth this month, at 10.5 months old. It was her top, front, right tooth. The tooth right next to it is getting ready to come through but hasn't started yet. No bottom teeth yet! (Fun fact: Caeden didn't start cutting teeth until he was 10.5 months old either....and his first four teeth were on the top too).
Honestly, she was not terribly unhappy....a little fussy off and on, but that's it. No feeding or sleep issues. However she did get a double ear infection in the middle of her teething....that caused lots of screaming. I'm pretty sure it was caused by her congestion she had when cutting her tooth.

During this past month, Caeden and Ella started preschool which means they're gone two mornings a week...which means Callie gets some one-on-one time with mommy. Usually one of those days is spent grocery shopping and running errands, and Callie does amazing being out & about. Otherwise it's fun being at home with only one baby....I've forgotten what it was like to only have one baby at home. :)

Now that Callie is moving all around the house and pulling up on everything, we are having to start "disciplining" her more.  Mainly when she touches something she's not supposed to....we just squeeze her hand and say "NO!" She understands this. Sometimes she gets mad and throws a mini-fit and other times she sticks out that lip and starts crying. The other day she didn't like her food and was dropping it one piece at a time on the floor. When I saw her I squeezed her hand and firmly told her no....she stuck out that bottom lip and let out the sweetest high pitch her feelings were hurt! Ha! Shouldn't be funny, but it is! Even Caeden started laughing out loud when he saw this...

As mentioned above, she started throwing mini-fits during this month, but hey...Caeden started that at 9 months old, so I'm happy she waited this long! And her fits are usually a really high squeal, with an arched back, and flailing hands. Caeden's fits at this age were full-fledged - an on-the-floor, rolling around, screaming fit. So I will happily take her "mini-fits" right now, and I'm hoping this is a good sign....that MAYBE she won't be as strong willed as he has been.

Caeden and Callie still have a sweet love for each other. Caeden wants to often help with Callie, but it usually ends up with Callie being in tears. He loves to cuddle with her, which she rarely lets happen because she's always on the move.  And he introduces her to most people that we meet!  He will say, "This is my sister Callie!" Callie loves to give Caeden hugs and kisses...especially when he's laying down for nap or when she first wakes up.

Weight: 22.5 lbs
Height: ??
Clothes: 12 mos and 12-18 mos
Shoes: size 2.5-3
Diapers: size 4

Speaking of growth stats,
look at that hair!!  Woo hoo - it's finally coming in!
Right now it's looking strawberry-blonde,
AND there are a few curls in the back!!!!  :)

Callie hit several "big" milestones during her 11th month. This is what she started doing at ten months old:

  • Crawling (right at 10 mos)
  • Cut her first tooth
  • Pulls up to standing
  • Slow cruising (she will cruise very slowly and cautiously but doesn't do this a lot)
  • Says "dada" in reference to Reid
  • Makes car noises when pushing toy cars
  • Points to objects
  • Can stand alone for up to 10 seconds

Pulls up on everything!

Oh Callie,  It's so incredibly amazing what you've learned in 11 short months!  I'm so thankful to God for creating you, and allowing us these past 11 months to spend with you!  You have such a sweet, content personality!  You love mommy, daddy, and big brother Caeden!  I know that as you follow us around, you want to be big like us so badly.  But we are cherishing the short time that we have you as our little baby!  It's hard to fathom God's love - knowing he loves you even more than we do!  Seems impossible!  We pray that you will know and accept His incredible love at a young age!  We love you so very much!!!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Milestone Mania!

Well, Callie has decided to hit lots of milestones at once!  This will be easy to remember for her baby book since she's doing everything at the same time. :)  Two weeks ago, right at 10 months old, she started crawling...

Then on Labor Day, we saw her first tooth cutting through - on the top!

A few hours later, she starts cruising around her activity table...

And the next day (today), mommy went in her room to get her after nap, and she was standing in her crib.  Up until this point, she has never completely pulled up on anything, on her own.  Now she has!

So, within two weeks, she has met four major milestones, (three of which were met in a matter of two days)!  Go, Callie, go!  Next up - first steps!!!.....