Monday, March 26, 2012

And baby makes FOUR!!!

Reid, Caeden, and I are excited to announce that we will now be a family of FOUR!! We found out we were pregnant nearly two months ago, on January 30th.  I was excited, and shocked!  While we had been trying for awhile, I didn't think it was going to happen that month for various reasons.  (Yet another lesson on how God is always in control).  I immediately went to our living room, sat down on the couch, and started saying a prayer that sounded like this, "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"  Because I wasn't exactly prepared and knew I didn't want to hold this secret in all day, I had to quickly think of a way to tell Reid.  So I set out his cereal and cereal bowl and set the pregnancy test next to it.  A few minutes later, he walked in to make his breakfast, quickly turned around and gasped.  He was pretty shocked too.  Of course then we hugged, talked for a few minutes, and went on about our day.  But during my day, I kept looking at this all throughout the day, like it wasn't real or something...

Obviously we wanted to tell our parents quickly, but in person...and we wanted Caeden to be the one to tell them.  So we made arrangements to go home that weekend for a visit.  Once we got into town, we told each of our families separately, by showing them Caeden's new "trick." Since he likes to show off, this was no surprise to the grandparents, and he quickly had their attention.  We explained that we had been teaching Caeden his holidays.  Here's how the conversation went:
Mommy: Caeden, what happens in December?
Mommy: What happens in February?
Mommy: What happens in October?
Caeden: Mommy has BABY!!

Of course, all the grandparents were excited and thrilled to have another grand baby!  And I think they're all praying for PINK this time...

From that point on, I spent the next month feeling nauseous and very tired.  I also was quite emotional...more tears and irritability than usual.  There were lots of foods that made me queasy...even sweets didn't sound good, which goes against my blood!  I craved lots of cheeseburgers, fries, and Chick-fil-a Chicken Biscuits.  But since we can't afford to eat out a lot, I didn't really get to indulge on these cravings. :)

We had an early ultrasound on February 22, when I was 6 weeks.  We were so happy to see a heartbeat, and to know there really was something inside of me. The baby just looked like a little blob at this point, but it was still cute!  The heart rate was 140 bpm.  (PS - the little circle next to the baby is the yolk sac).

While I am very nervous about having two kids, we are so thankful for this new little one that God has blessed us with.  We already love "it" and loved getting to see "it" inside of me!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


We started our Spring Break by going to camp in an amazing campground (more like a "resort") in Branson, Missouri.  We got there Saturday afternoon, and just played frisbee, played at the nearby playground, played baseball, rode our bikes, just enjoyed being outside!  That night we made my Grandma's famous spaghetti recipe and of course, roasted marshmallows for dessert!

Sunday, we got up and took Caeden to Silver Dollar City for the first time!  He did awesome!  This was his first experience at a theme park, and we were there from open to close, so it was a long day.  But he loved it and did great!
Looking at the goats

Trying on a skunk hat

Playing with the "biiiig" ball machine

Putting balls up the vacuum - he loved this part!

Trying to find the balls that he had 
already put up the vacuum

Shooting the big ball guns with Daddy

Taking a lunch break

Riding rides with mommy & daddy!

Worn out and taking a nap!

Riding on the train!  He LOVED hearing the loud train whistle!

Front row seats to the show

Unforunately, the next day is when all the rain started.  It stayed pretty dry throughout the morning, so we got to play outside lots for a few hours.  But then we were stuck inside the camper all afternoon.  We made the decision to leave camp that evening because of the severe storms rolling in.  But overall, it was such a fun start to our Spring Break!  Caeden is still talking about how he rode on the big train "last night."  ;)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Surgery #2

Caeden had another surgery today. His first one was when he was 10 mos old and he got tubes in his ears. So we had been through the process before, but this one was a little more invasive.

In mid-January he was diagnosed with having a hernia. It looked like a little pea in the middle of his stomach. He called it his "bump." The surgery was scheduled for this morning. Last night, we had lots of talks about what was going to happen and how the Dr was going to fix his "bump." I think he was most excited about the hospital bracelet he would get. ;)

So at 5:15 this morning we left for the surgery center. Check-in went super quick.

Being the first surgery of the day helped pre-op to go quickly too. He got his tiny gown on and spent 45 min playing with stickers.

About 6:15 they gave him some medicine that makes him goofy. This part was kinda cute. After about 15 min, he got real relaxed and just laid back in bed. He had goofy smiles every time a nurse walked in and he was playing with his stuffed monkey in silly ways, just laughing. This allowed him to be real relaxed when we left him. It was sad for me though, watching them wheel him away in this big hospital bed.

The surgery only lasted about 20 minutes and then we met with the surgeon. He said everything went well. He has stitches in his muscle tissue and then tape that is holding his one inch incision together. He is supposed to leave the tape on for one we'll see how that goes.

The worst part was when he was waking up. I remember that this is an upsetting time, from when he got his tubes in...but this time seemed worse. He was flailing everywhere, screaming, and dry heaving. It was scary because he was so mad and kept trying to pull his IV out. They needed him to take drinks before they could take out the IV, and he was refusing to drink. As the mom, I hated seeing him like that.

After about 30 minutes, he finally calmed down. He still wasn't happy, but wasn't freaking out. We got him to take a few drinks, got the IV out, and headed home. On the way home, he threw up, which wasn't fun either. But I think it helped get the anesthesia out because it was after this that he started acting more normal.
We got home, rested, and watched movies.

As the day went on, he slowly got better and better. As long as he has Tylenol in him he has minimal pain. But when it starts to wear off, he gets real weak and complains of his belly hurting. We're so thankful that everything went well overall, and are now praying for a fast recovery.

I know this surgery was not life-threatening, but it was definitely scary for mommy. I hated seeing him in pain. I don't know how God looked on Jesus while he was dying, in so much pain, and was still willing to let it happen. That is so much love for us, its incredible! Thank you Jesus for you love for us, and for your healing power!!