Thursday, October 31, 2013

Callie: ONE year old!!!

This is a summary of what Callie was doing in her 12th month (when she was 11 mos old). This was the time period right before she turned a year old.  Just little fun things I want to remember...

Callie was eating mostly table foods by this time. She would sometimes eat baby food if she couldn't eat what we were having for dinner, but mostly she was eating whatever we ate. 

When Callie turned 11 mos old, she was only on two bottles (breakfast and bedtime). At 11.5 mos we dropped her morning bottle. And right when she turned a year old we stopped the bedtime bottle. So by 12 mos, we were off all bottles and formula!! Woo hoo! She just drinks a cup of milk or water with each meal. At bedtime, she drinks an extra cup of milk while we're reading her story. 

She is still a great eater as far as types of foods she eats. She eats literally anything we offer's wonderful! At 11/12 mos, her favorite food was still yogurt. 

Callie's sleep continued as usual. She sleeps from approximately 7pm - 7am and takes two naps....usually around 10am and 2pm. Her naps last 1-1.5 hours each. 

We got more consistent about reading to her before bedtime this month.  We would usually read a book and a Bible story, then pray a short prayer. Around 12.5 months (just recently) she automatically puts her hands together after our Bible story when we say "Let's pray...lets talk to God." It just warms my heart every time. 

Callie still plays really well by herself. At this point she was crawling really well and really quickly so she followed Caeden and Ella around most of the day. She doesn't usually play "with" them but she likes to play in the same room as them. 3 days before turning one year old, Callie started walking. This brought playing to a whole new level. I would say her favorite toy this month is her soft baby doll she got for Christmas last year. She loves to carry her around and if we tell her to love the baby, she gives her kisses. 

She loves to "sing" and dance.  Caeden was never a dancer, so that's fun! Her favorite place to play is still outside. If she hears one of the doors open, she panics and walks as quickly as possible to the door so she can sneak outside. 

Trying to play Candy Land
with Caeden & Ella 
During this month, Callie said 3 words. The doctor said that 2 words at 12 months is the goal, so I guess she's doing well. Her three words (in order of how she spoke them) were "mama", "dada", and "Boo!"  The last one she pronounces with a G though...."goo!"  She says this when she's hiding behind something or when she's covering her face with something. When she shows her face she says "Goo!" with a big smile on her face.   It's so cute!

She has strong comprehension and can understand a lot of what we say. We know this because she will often do what we say when we're talking to her. She also uses pointing to communicate with us what she wants.

Callie got two more teeth this month, at 11 mos old. They were her two bottom teeth. So on her first birthday she had a total of 3 teeth. She cut the two bottom ones about the same time, but did pretty well. However, she ended up with another ear infection. This was the second one in 5 weeks....Hoping this doesn't continue!

At 11 mos Callie definitely understands the word "no" and obeys us most of the time. However, she started throwing more fits and tantrums. She does this mostly when she gets frustrated, like when something doesn't work how she wants. We usually ignore the fit, distract her, or if we're holding her we just tell her "no." 

Playing with the remote
like she's not supposed to...

At Callie's 12 month well-child check up, everything looked fine for the most part. Developmentally she's doing everything on track. Her growth stats are below. This was when we found out she had her new ear infection. It was actually good timing because we suspected she had one the day before, and knew we had her well child check up the next day, so that worked out. She got 4 shots and had to get blood drawn. Poor baby... But after crying for few minutes she was her happy self again! 

Callie had a pink pumpkin birthday party. It was on her actual birthday which was neat! While I'm sure she won't remember it, it turned out just like mommy had pictured it!! For more party details, click here

Weight: 22 lbs 9 oz (75th percentile)
Length: 30 inches (75th percentile)
  **Note: she is down from the 85th percentile which she has been in the past. I think the less bottles and increase in crawling/walking has contributed to this)
Clothes size: 12-18 mos
Diaper size: 4
Shoe size: 3

These are milestones that Callie met when she was 11 mos old:

  • Finished weaning off all bottles
  • Cruising more quickly
  • Standing alone for long periods of time
  • Says 3 words 
  • WALKING!!! (Oct 9, 2013)
This was just a few minutes before she took her first steps!


Cheering on the Razorbacks from home

Playing with Nana...
and her two cousins, Lyla & Elise

Sitting in a rocking chair like a big girl!

 Cuddles with Caeden!!!

This was Callie's approximate schedule at 11 mos. 

7am- Wake up, eat breakfast
10am- Nap #1
11/11:30- Wake and eat lunch
2pm- Nap #2
3/3:30- Wake and eat snack
5:30- Dinner
6:15- Bath (every other night) and PJs
7pm- Bedtime

Oh Callie,
How you've changed in one short year!  I still remember the first time I saw you.
We were scared so bad because you weren't breathing.  You were covered
in prayers that afternoon, and God chose to breathe life into you, after
a scary delivery.  I remember holding you for the first time, 2 hours after you were born, 
in the NICU.  As soon as I walked in and started talking to you, you turned your
head to look up at me.  I have re-lived that moment several times this year.
I didn't ever want to put you down.  We have not taken one day with you for granted.
We love you so so much baby girl!!  I can't wait to see how you grow and change this year!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013!

On Callie's birthday, after her party (and naps), we went to a local pumpkin patch in good ol' Carl Junction, Missouri!  It's called Frederickson's Farms.  It was a short trip, but the kids were happy with it, and we got some pumpkins, which is all we needed!  Here are some pictures from our pumpkin patch trip!

Callie's first experience with hay!

Caeden trying to find 
the "just right" pumpkin!

And Callie helping...

Caeden & Callie
with Nana & Papa

C & C with their cousins,
Emerson & Lyla
(Poor Emerson had a bad earache...)

The kiddos with Nonni & Grandpa

And one with Great-Gram!

Yay for pumpkin patches!!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Callie's 1st Birthday Party!!!

Pink Pumpkins!!!

This was the theme for Callie's 1st birthday party!  Being an October baby GIRL, it seemed fitting!  Mommy had so much fun planning for this party, as this was my first girly party to throw!  We had this party in Joplin, at Nana & Papa's house, just with our family.  It was absolutely perfect!  AND we got to celebrate on her actual birthday, October 12!!  So here are some pictures that a great friend took to capture some sweet moments!  Enjoy!

First up, the decorations....
The Entryway Table

S'more favors

Framed Invitation

The Food Table

And the Fireplace

 Painted Pumpkins

The first thing we did as family members arrived, was take pictures, while Callie was still happy!  We knew she'd be exhausted by the end of the party!  Just a few of my favorites...

PS - I made her bow!!

Elise, Callie, & Lyla

Next up, we ate Broccoli Cheese Soup (and some other goodies) for lunch.  After this, time for the presents!!  This was a little chaotic because big brother wanted to help, and Callie just wanted to play with the first toys she opened...and not open the rest.  So basically it turned out as Caeden opening most of the presents, and Callie playing with them... 
All ready!!

With her new baby...

By this time, Callie was getting pretty tired, and I think the present-opening was pretty wearing on her!  So, we had the paci and were trying to prevent a meltdown!!  But lastly, we had to eat the birthday cake!

Smash Cake

Pumpkin birthday cake for everyone else!
(that mommy made!)

Did not even attempt to blow out the candle!

Our sweet girl is one year old!  The last few weeks I have thought about this over & over.  It's so hard to believe!  And it's just amazing how babies change in a year!  We have cherished every day this past year with her, and will continue to thank God for every day that he gives us with her!

Happy 1st Birthday Callie!!