Thursday, January 2, 2014

Merry Christmas 2013!

Oh, how we love Christmas!  And as fun as it was as a kid, I think I enjoy it even more as a mommy now!  Caeden was 4 and Callie was 14 months old this year during Christmas....what fun ages!  We continued to do a nightly Advent with Caeden, making sure he understands the reason we have Christmas.  Callie obviously didn't understand much.  But she could point out "baby Jesus" in our nativity, and if we said "What does Santa say?" she would reply with "hu, hu, hu!"  She did great at leaving the tree and presents alone, especially after watching Caeden touch them daily.   It was a special Christmas....Here are some pictures to recap the holiday!

We celebrated Christmas with Reid's side of the family on Dec. 23....a few days early:

Checking out the stockings!

Already digging into her snack!

First presents to open! 

Playing with the wrapping...the best part!

On Christmas Eve we managed to get a few pictures of them together in their matching Reindeer shirts.  Nana made these with them at Thanksgiving, use their own footprints & handprints!

We went to the Christmas Eve service at church that night, and then had to take some pictures in their dress clothes!

Cousin Elise (10 mos) & Callie (14 mos)

Nana & Papa with the kids

Nonni & Grandpa with the kids

And as is the tradition, Santa paid a short visit before getting started on his rounds!  Caeden got to tell him one last time that he wanted a "Jake ship with the crocodile that pops out!"

Callie was not a big fan!

He read "Twas the Night Before Christmas!"

And gave each kid one early present! 

Then it was pajama time...and of course, we had to lay out cookies & egg nog for Santa!

Christmas morning, they woke up to find that Santa had left Caeden the Jake Ship (Bucky) that he wanted!  And he left Callie her first doll house!

A few days later, on Dec. 27th, we celebrated Christmas with Ashley's side of the family.

Christmas Cousins - Caeden (4) & Emerson (2)

While at Nana's house for a few days, it warmed up enough to go outside for a little bit!

We are so lucky to have our families live so close to us.  It's always such a blessing to spend time with them, and get some rest & relaxation!  We are a blessed family....Merry Christmas!