Monday, May 26, 2014


Caeden had his first field trip last week. His school is a few blocks down the road from a Bentonville park called Dave Peel Park. So his class walked down the street, played at the park, had a breakfast picnic and played some more! Caeden had so much fun and it was fun for mommy to see him interacting with all his friends. I didn't do the greatest at taking pictures but here are a few:

This is Caedens best school buddy, Madison. They became friends the first week of school back in August and it hasn't changed!!

Caeden and Madison driving to Walmart! (Of course....where else do you go when you live in Bentonville??)

Siblings were invited to come of course Callie had to copy what big brother was doing. She loved being there and Caeden loved showing her off. 

Class picture before eating muffins, donuts, fruit and juice! (This is actually two classes together). 


It was a successful first field trip! We all had fun! When we got back to the school a few hours later, Caeden was sad to say "bye" to mommy and Callie but there were no tears and he did great! Yay for first field trips!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Siiiiingin' in the Rain....Just Siiiiingin' in the Rain!

We've had some rainy days lately.  This past week, it was raining with no thunder, so Caeden ran to grab his rain boots and rain jacket to play in the rain.  And of course, Callie had to follow big brother.  She doesn't have any rain boots, so we figured water shoes would work. :)  It was so fun watching them play in the rain!  And Callie was hilarious - she would lift her knees up so high and march around, trying to make puddles!  Fun memories!

(PS....We were getting ready for baths right before this....which is why Callie doesn't have pants on....)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

We got to spend time with both of our moms this year for Mother's Day!  On Saturday morning, Ashley, her mom & sisters all went to a Mother's Day Craft-Tea!  This was at Junque 2 Jewels, a new vintage craft place in Bentonville!  It was so fun!  They served us a yummy brunch and we EACH got to make 3 crafts! We made a "spring" banner, a wooden plaque to hang on a wall, and some mason jar planters. We thought our crafts turned out pretty cute, and we definitely had some fun girl's time away!

Sunday morning (actual Mother's Day) we went to church and I attempted to take some pictures with my kids, but you know how that goes...

They really look like they love their mother, don't they? ;) 

Then it was off to New Life Ranch for our annual Mother's Day picnic!  
Callie & Caeden LOOOOVE their Uncle Rhett!

Nonni with her grandkids!


Grandpa with the grandkids!

And a big family picture!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

A NEW Cousin!

On April 23, Caeden & Callie welcomed a new cousin into the world! Abraham Allen Pierce was born late that night.  Because of some minor health issues, he was flown to a children's hospital in Tulsa, OK early the next morning.  So we didn't get to see them until they got home.  We had to wait a whole week!  And mommy was super anxious to meet him!  Here are some pictures of our first meeting with Abe!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Easter is always one of my favorite holidays!  I just love the story behind it, and getting to teach my kids about Jesus and his resurrection!  We did 40 days of "Easter" devotionals with Caeden, one each night leading up to Easter.  It was fun getting to present the whole gospel to him, and he had lots of good questions.  You can see the wheels turning.  When we talked about Jesus' baptism, that led us to discussing what baptism is, in general.  Of course, since he hates going under water, his response was, "Mommy....I'm NEVER getting baptized!"  But I got to tell him about how Jesus lives in my heart and what that means.  He said, "Mommy, Jesus doesn't live in my heart yet."  So it was neat that he was comprehending enough of what we were saying, to come to that conclusion on his own.  This little man is smart, and we are praying that he comes to know Jesus at a young age.

But we also do more "secular" things on Easter too! ;)  A few nights before, we dyed Easter eggs as a is our annual tradition!

Helping me stir the dyes

So proud of the egg she just made!

We also went to the Bentonville Easter Egg Hunt the day before Easter.  Caeden got to see the Easter Bunny....Callie was not a fan.  The actual hunt was chaotic....Let's just say we probably won't be back next year!

Easter morning they woke to find lots of goodies in their Easter baskets:

Then it was off to church in our "Easter Clothes!"

When we got home, Nonni & Grandpa had a surprise for Caeden & Callie!  There were 3 big blue eggs and 3 big pink eggs hidden in the front yard for them to find!  In each egg, were lots of big goodies!  They absolutely LOVED this!

After a big yummy lunch, we had our traditional Easter egg hunt with our dyed eggs!

And all that was left was napping, and playing with the Easter goodies.  HAPPY EASTER!