Friday, May 23, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

We got to spend time with both of our moms this year for Mother's Day!  On Saturday morning, Ashley, her mom & sisters all went to a Mother's Day Craft-Tea!  This was at Junque 2 Jewels, a new vintage craft place in Bentonville!  It was so fun!  They served us a yummy brunch and we EACH got to make 3 crafts! We made a "spring" banner, a wooden plaque to hang on a wall, and some mason jar planters. We thought our crafts turned out pretty cute, and we definitely had some fun girl's time away!

Sunday morning (actual Mother's Day) we went to church and I attempted to take some pictures with my kids, but you know how that goes...

They really look like they love their mother, don't they? ;) 

Then it was off to New Life Ranch for our annual Mother's Day picnic!  
Callie & Caeden LOOOOVE their Uncle Rhett!

Nonni with her grandkids!


Grandpa with the grandkids!

And a big family picture!


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