Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our Amazing Weekend!

So I don't have any pictures to include in this post (I know...its sad), but I have lots of fun stuff to share anyway!  First of all, this has completed my fourth week on my New Year's Resolution....and I lost an additonal 2 lbs. this week!  That is a total of 5 pounds in the month of January!  This means I have 19 pounds to go (and 3 months to do it in) to reach my ultimate goal.  With prayer and self-discipline, I think I can do it!  I am very happy with this result and am going to continue working out, tracking what I'm eating, and drinking lots of water. 

Now, for more fun stuff!  When Caeden was 8 mos old, we started letting the grandparents take him once a month for a 24 hour we could have part of the weekend to ourself.  It's hard each time we drop him off because we know we'll miss him, but we are ALWAYS glad we do Reid and I definitely enjoy the much-needed break each month.  My parents and Reid's parents alternate months so they each get turns with him. :)

And this weekend was "that" weekend!  I met Reid's parents (Nonnie & Grandpa) halfway on Friday afternoon and they took care of him until this evening.  He had great fun, played outside, played with a puppy, and had fun getting spoiled!  I'm pretty sure he didn't even notice we weren't much as I hate to admit it! ;)

So now for what Reid and I did to enjoy ourselves!  We used one of our gift cards from Christmas and went to Red Robin to eat.  It was great fun being able to take our time, enjoy a meal, and not have to worry about taking care of a toddler at the table.  THEN we got to use another gift card and go get ice cream from the infamous Cold Stone Creamery - THIS part was great, because normally we have to be home by 6:30 to get Caeden ready for bed....Last night, we didn't have a curfew!  Woo hoo!  When we got home, we watched our Netflix movie, and went to bed!  You'll notice this was an evening full of relaxation for FREE (2 gift cards plus a Netflix movie)...Love it!

We slept in, made apple turnovers for breakfast, read the paper, did our Bible study, and just took our time getting around...AWESOME!  Seeing that the weather was already mid-60s when we woke up, we knew we had to take advantage of this one beautiful day we're getting!  So we took our bikes, drove to a nearby trail, and biked four miles!  Usually when I ride my bike, it's just around the neighborhood, so this was new but fun for me!  Next.....Used gift card #3 to eat lunch at McAlister's.  Since I figured I needed even more exercise to burn off all these meals, we decided to go on a hike at another local trail.  By this time, my legs were like jelly and my body was exhausted!  But it was such a fun day of being outside, good conversation, and getting to spend time together!   We finished the afternoon by going home to "rest" for a little bit (wink-wink) and then went to get some (more) ice cream at an amazing place in Bentonville called YumYos!!  By this time, it was time to leave, and meet Caeden halfway to pick him up!

We were so excited to see him...and we felt so refreshed after our little break.  While we love Caeden more than words can express, it's so easy to forget what life was like before kids.  To re-live that in 24 hours is so much fun!  I'm excited to spend the next month with my "little mister" and then let Nana & Papa have a turn!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Week #3.....

I'm a little late posting my weight loss update because this was a very busy weekend!  However, I'm not happy to report that I lost nothing this week.  No gaining, so that's good, but no loss.  It was a touch week for me.  For some reason, I was just really craving food and I went over on my points almost every day.  I continued to work out 3 times though and drank about 40-50 oz. of water each day.  That's not 64, which is my goal, so I'm just really going to have ot drink up this week.  I know what I need to do and I just need self-discipline and focus this week!  I'm aiming for 3 lbs this week, so I can meet my 6 lb goal for the month.  Lots of prayers needed!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Fun

It seems like the Pierce household has been stuck in the house a lot lately because of the cold weather....and lately, the snow.  So here are some things the Pierce's have been doing to keep ourselves busy. 

We had some friends over for dinner on Monday night which was so much fun!  They have a little girl that is 8 mos older than Caeden so they played great together and we got to have some much-needed hang time with some friends!

I joined a new Bible study this week that is for stay-at-home moms on Tuesday mornings.  Caeden and Ella get free childcare, which they LOVE because it's a chance for them to get out of the house and play with friends.  We're doing the study "Growing Kids God's Way" which I've heard great things about, so I'm super pumped!

We play with Play-Doh!

Build with blocks...

Ride our four-wheeler in the house (since it's too cold to ride outside)....OR as you see in the picture, take Clifford for a ride!

And play in the snow! 

This is seriously how Caeden came to me this morning after he saw the snow outside.  He went into his room, found two boots and brought them to me grunting.  Of course they're mismatching....But he didn't care!  He just wanted to go outside.  Funny that this was his way of telling me!  So of course, we all three got bundled up and went to play in the snow. 

So there ya have it - How the Pierce famiy entertains ourselves during the cold winter!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week #2 of my Resolution

So I got on the scale this morning and it said I lost 2.5 LBS!!!!  This is a total of 3 lbs since Jan. 1.  I have 3 more lbs to lose this month to meet my first weight loss goal!  I think I can do it since I did it the first two weeks.

I've continued to exercise 3 times a week and this week I managed my portion control & snacks by counting my points (using Weight Watchers).  I think this is what truly helped make the difference this week because I wrote down everything I ate and was tracking the portion size and points.

So if you remember....I'm setting a few new goals every two weeks.  The first two weeks of January they were to: Exercise 3 times a week (check!), watch my portion sizes (check!), and eat healthier snacks (check!)

These next two weeks, I'm going to continue those same goals, but also add a new one: Drink 64 oz. water a day.  I know water is healthy to drink much of....regardless of whether you're trying to lose weight or not.  This won't be too hard because we never keep soda or sugary drinks around our house anyway.  But I don't think I drink ENOUGH....So this is my new goal!

Keep praying for me!  2 weeks down, 14 to go! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yesterday was one of those days I always look forward to in the winter!  The phone rings at 5am and you know the only person calling is the School District, to tell you there's NO SCHOOL!!  YIPPEE!  I look forward to Snow Days just as much now as I did when I was a kid.  There's just something fun about the whole family being home, turning on the fire place, playing in the snow....and making fudge. :)  This was a tradition we started when Caeden was born....First Day of Snow Fudge!  I make it on the first snow of the season, so when Reid came home from school on Monday, there was homemade fudge waiting for him on the counter.  And then Tuesday, with another few inches of snow on the ground, he got to stay home with us.

With this being Caeden's first real time to experience snow, we had to take him out in it, even though there was only a few inches.  It was funny because when he saw it out the backdoor, he kept reaching for the doorknob.  He wanted out right away.  He didn't even know what it was or what it was for!  But being a boy, he knew he was supposed to be outside in funny how boys automatically think!  So by 8:30am, we were outside.  He immediately ran out into it....was hesitant to touch it at first, but then had fun wiping it off his playset.  We didn't stay out long since it was 12 degrees outside!  But at least he got to experience it!  So fun!  Maybe next year he can help us build a snowman!  Here are some pics to enjoy!  I'm going to post a snow video on Facebook keep your eyes peeled!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A start....

So, I'll first start with the long-awaited news :) and then continue on with my short reflection.  I weighed this morning and found that I lost .5 lb.  As little as this, I was happy.  I figure at least I'm going in the right direction (better than gaining a .5 lb....which has been the norm lately).  AND even though the scale didn't show a huge change, I can already tell a difference in my habits.  I worked out four times this week, and definitely ate healthier snacks throughout the day.  I DID monitor my portion sizes, however, I'm thinking my eyes might not be a very good measuring tool.  :) 

So, I'm going to continue with my same three goals for this week (work out 3 times, healthier snacks, and smaller portion sizes).  BUT I'm going to accomplish the last two goals by counting my points (Weight Watchers).  I did Weight Watchers last year and it worked great for me....So since I have all the tools, I'm going to use them.  I figure if I count my points this week, that will take care of the portion sizes and snack choices. 

So there ya have it folks....not the pound and a half I was hoping for, but it's progress!  This week I'm going to continue to work out three times and start counting my food points.  Wish me luck (and say a prayer)! 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

MY New Year's Resolution

Okay, so I realize I'm 6 days late, but I'm going to fill you in on what I'm resolving to do this year.  First of all, let me say that I don't even remember the last time I made a New Year's Resolution!  I never have because I figured I always give up anyway, so why make a commitment if I'm not going to keep it?  Also, some people say you shouldn't make them because you should live right all the time....not just on New Year's.  I agree with this statement....However, some people need a point to jump-start and say "Okay...I'm going to start living right."  And this is what I'm doing.  During the days after Christmas, my tight jeans were reminding me that I'm still not down to my pre-pregnancy weight....nor the weight I actually WANT (and need) to be at. 

I know...everyone and their mom decides they're going to lose weight on January 1.  But I never have!  And I realized....the reason I can't get this weight gone is because I'm a "deadline" person.  I need an end goal and a deadline....otherwise, I go no where.  I'm also a "planner" as many of you know.  So I decided...In order to lose this weight, I need an end deadline and a specific plan.  I also added to this ACCOUNTABILITY.  So guess who my accountability are....My husband Reid, my mom, my dad, and YOU!!  This makes me terribly nervous that I'm writing this on my blog because if I don't do well at this, everyone will know.  But now everytime I reach for a piece of chocolate, I'm going to think...."But wait...I have to post how much weight I've lost this weekend...Better not eat this!"  Which is the point I guess.  I'm hoping this accountability will hold me to it.

So here it is....For my end goal and deadline: My goal is to lose 24 pounds by May 1.  And yes...this would put me at a healthy weight according to the height/weight charts I've looked at.  May 1 is my goal... This gives me 4 months.  I figure this is 6 lbs a month (1.5 lbs a week)....which is totally do-able!  And this will put me at a healthy weight.  AND after eating right and exercising for 4 months, I'm hoping it will become my new habit and lifestyle.

Now, for my plan...At the beginning of each two-week period, I'm going to set some specific goals for myself.  These goals will build on each other.  If I started this week with saying: I need to only eat X calories a day, work out every day for 30 minutes, drink 8 glasses of water, take my vitaimins, watch my portion sizes, etc. (Whoo..That makes me tired jus typing it).... I would get overwhelmed and would probably fail.  So by making short-term, two-week goals, I'm more likely to succeed.

Here are my goals for the first two weeks of January:  Eat smaller portion sizes (and healthier snacks), and exercise 3 times per week.  Soooo..That is what I've been focused on this week.  I weighed on Saturday to get my starting weight.  But for your sake and mine, I'm not going to post it here. :)  HOWEVER, I will weigh in each Saturday morning, and will later that day post how much I've lost.  Man, this makes me nervous!  But I will always use your encouragement and cheering!   I've tried really hard this week and have already worked out twice....Which is better than I have for the last year and a half.  I'm anxious for Saturday to see what the scale says.

Remember....I'm NOT becoming obsessed with my weight.  I'm mainly wanting to get healthly and my weight is an easy way to keep track.  I know I am a role model for Caeden...I can't expect him to grow up and eat fruit for snacks if I'm eating chocolate.  Therefore, I need to start now with eating right and he too, can have a healthy lifestyle and life longer! 

Okay that's it!  Congratulations if you read this entire post....You are a TRUE follower!  I'll keep you posted this Saturday!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Making Memories

Some of my fondest memories from childhood are from Christmas.  Now, growing up with parents that love the Lord, I know we were always taught that Christmas was Jesus' birthday and that was the REAL reason we celebrated.  But of course, as a child, my best memories from Christmas are all "secular," but still important.  First, traveling to my Grandma & Papa's house, with 12 other cousins, lots of aunts and uncles, to the loudest, most busy house in Fayetteville.  But as a kid, I loved it!  I remember my Grandma having Puppy Chow ready for us to eat when we walked in the door, Santa Clause coming to visit on Christmas Eve, all of us piling into 2-3 cars and driving around the Fayetteville Square to see the lights, putting on our "Christmas" pajamas and all of us cousins sleeping together in my grandparents king size bed, and then waking up at 5am, anxiously awaiting to see what Santa brought!  I have vivid, clear pictures in my head of all that happened.  I believe it's those memories that help create the excitement I still have today around Christmastime.  Thus, we hope Caeden, too, cherishes all of his Christmases in his heart.  This was a great one!!  Last year, he was only 4 mos old so he still slept a lot of the day and just laid around. :)  This year, he was totally into it!!  Without telling about our whole week-long trip in Missouri, I'm just going to post some pictures with a short caption above each one!  Enjoy!  I hope you had a great Christmas as well!  And I hope you are starting off your New Year with a positive attitude and some things to look forward to!  (Keep a lookout in the next few days with a post on MY New Year's Resolution!)

This is my BFF from high school, Stefanie!  We only get to see each other once a year since she lives in Florida!  So this was a our annual visit! :)

Caeden & Uncle Asher wore matching outfits to the Christmas Eve service

Santa made his annual visit to our house before he started on his journey around the world.  When he first walked in the door, Caeden wasn't so sure...

And when it came time to sit on his lap, he KNEW he wasn't sure!

This is Caeden and I singing songs with Santa.  Then Santa read us "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and handed out a small gift to each kiddo.

These are some pictures of Christmas morning at Nana & Papa's house!  This is everything that Santa brought Caeden.  His favorite part was the grill.  He immediately grabbed the spatula and started turning over hamburgers...It made Daddy proud! ;) 

And here is the AWESOME gift that Reid got for Christmas!!  (For those of you who know Reid well, he is a fanatic about "A Christmas Story" and we have leg lamps all over our house at Christmastime).

After lunch we went to Nonnie & Grandpa's house (Reid's parents) where Caeden had a second Christmas.  This was one of his "big boy" presents from them.  It's a Power Wheels Four Wheeler.  He got right on and took off around the house.  However, he doesn't know how to steer yet...So there were lots of bumps into Nonnie's walls and furniture.


And with a Grandpa who loves to hunt and fish, Caeden got his first camo sleeping bag from him!  Here he is trying it out:

Uncle Ryan playing with Caeden

Uncle Rhett playing with Caeden (ie...teaching him how to climb on the back of the couch) ;)

And lastly, when we arrived home Thursday, there was a large Christmas present left under the tree.  There was a note from Santa that said he had to leave it at our house in Arkansas because he knew Mommy & Daddy wouldn't have room in their car to bring it home.  Hmm...Santa is smart!  And the present was...A toy kitchen!!  Caeden took right to it and played with it the rest of the day!  It was great for giving Reid and I time to unload the car and unpack!  It's now in his playroom and it has provided us all hours of fun!

Well, that's it for the Pierce household!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!