Monday, May 26, 2014


Caeden had his first field trip last week. His school is a few blocks down the road from a Bentonville park called Dave Peel Park. So his class walked down the street, played at the park, had a breakfast picnic and played some more! Caeden had so much fun and it was fun for mommy to see him interacting with all his friends. I didn't do the greatest at taking pictures but here are a few:

This is Caedens best school buddy, Madison. They became friends the first week of school back in August and it hasn't changed!!

Caeden and Madison driving to Walmart! (Of course....where else do you go when you live in Bentonville??)

Siblings were invited to come of course Callie had to copy what big brother was doing. She loved being there and Caeden loved showing her off. 

Class picture before eating muffins, donuts, fruit and juice! (This is actually two classes together). 


It was a successful first field trip! We all had fun! When we got back to the school a few hours later, Caeden was sad to say "bye" to mommy and Callie but there were no tears and he did great! Yay for first field trips!

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