Monday, June 2, 2014

Callie Ann - 19 mos!

I haven't posted an update on Callie in....well, a really long time!  Poor girl!  So here it goes...I obviously can't recap everything in the last 7 months - but here's what she's up to now!!

Callie is becoming a more picky eater.  One day, she loves hot dogs!  The next, she won't touch them! That's how it goes with many foods!  Her favorite foods that she ALWAYS loves are: mac n cheese, yogurt, cheerios, broccoli & pretzels.  And she's already got a sweet tooth.... :(  It just happens earlier when you have an older sibling around... But even though she's picky, she's still a great eater overall and still growing!!

Callie's favorite things to play with are her babies, her purse, and her jewelry.  She will often just carry these things around all day.  She also loves to be playing where Caeden (and Ella) are playing, and LOVES LOVES LOVES being outside!  She is a singer and a dancer!  And when learning something new, she always picks it up pretty quick!  Callie is great at playing by herself when needed, which is wonderful!  She has been pretty addicted to her paci, carrying it or sucking on it wherever she goes.  Just a week ago, we went to having paci only in bed...that was an adjustment, let me tell ya!  But we're making progress!

Callie still lays down wonderfully easy!  She has her two blankets she loves to sleep with....and the paci! She went to one nap around 18 months and sleeps 1-2 hours during that nap.  She is also still a great night sleeper - sleeping around 12 hours a night!

Callie is slowly adding to her vocabulary.  I wouldn't say her vocab is exploding like Caeden's was at this age, but I'm not worried - she's hitting the required milestone, so she'll figure it out.  She attempts every word we tell her to.  If she's grunting at her cup, and we tell her to say, "cup" she might say "buh!"  But at least she's trying!  And she probably says 15 words??  Her favorite word to say is "MAMA!"  We hear this about 268 times a day! ;)

Callie has always been a great teether and I honestly never know when she's teething.  This morning she was crying and I looked in her mouth and saw molars that I didn't know she had!  Hm! Who would've guessed?

Callie has finally had enough hair to do cute hairstyles with.  Here are a few we've tried! (PS - we didn't do these the same day - she is just coincidentally wearing the same dress!)

We are definitely doing more correcting and time-outs these days.  Callie went through a short biting phase around 18 mos, and sometimes she hits when she gets mad.  She is also at the age where she tests what mommy and daddy command her to do - purposely disobeying to see what will happen.  She really doesn't like time-outs so right now, those are what work!!  She is much more sensitive than Caeden was.  I say "NO!" in a firm voice and we have a puckered-out lip with tears!

At Callie's 18 month appointment, she was:
25 lbs 12 oz
32.5 inches
She wears size 4 diaper and size 5 shoes. Her clothes are mostly 24 mos right now.

Caeden and Callie still really love each other!  If one of them is upset, they will often run to each other to hug and comfort.  However, they still do things to pester each other too - don't get me wrong!  They are still learning to play together!! But they absolutely adore each other!

7:00ish am - Wake up & eat breakfast
mid-morning - small snack
11:30am - Lunch
1:00 pm - Nap
3:00ish pm - Snack
5:30pm - Dinner
7:00pm - Bedtime!

We love you sweet girl!  You are definitely showing your own personality!  You are silly and a ham!  We love it and we love YOU!

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