Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Caeden - 4.5 years!

If I want to be real accurate, Caeden is 4.75 years old!!  He'll be turning 5 in two months!!!!  Eeeek!  5 years old seems like a big number... So here's a little summary of what's Caeden's doing at this age!

Caeden still is very picky about what he eats.  He HAS started eating ground beef now (he used to not touch anything that contained this)!  Yay - So that's progress!  He's pretty consistent on what he likes & doesn't like....I have to give him that.  At least he doesn't daily change his mind like his little sister.  He has decided he doesn't like now all he drinks is water - seriously!  He might have orange juice every once in a great while when I have it on hand - but water is his drink of choice! His favorite foods are: mac n cheese, hot dog, chicken nuggets, apples, broccoli, RANCH (with everything!), goldfish & pretzels.

Caeden is just growing up so much!  He is a much better independent play-er than he used to be! And he's getting more possessive of his things.  He will often go into his room to play trains, and close the door "so Callie can't come in."  Uh's already started... Ella is still his best friend.  But when Ella isn't here - he really does like to try to play with Callie. He can officially write his first name without any help, in the correct direction, with the correct formation. :) He' s also learning to write many letters in the alphabet.  He has great problem-solving skills!  Almost too great - when mommy has a reason for why we can't do something - he has a solution (that often makes sense)!  Caeden is not a big fan of coloring or drawing, so we can always work on those skills.  He LOVES to be outside, like he always has - and is SO CLOSE  to riding his bike without training wheels!  Caeden is also really into any and all superheroes right now - so that's fun!  He is definitely "all boy" which we love!

He's on a pretty standard sleep schedule.  At 4.5 years old, he went to only taking a nap on SOME days.  Probably 3-4 days a week are "nap days."  On these days, he naps for about an hour and then goes to bed about 8:30/9:00.  The other days are "quiet time days."  These are days he sits in his bed and rests - playing with quiet toys, playing games on his LeapPad or watching movies on the iPad.  This lasts about an hour, and on these days, he's super tired by evening, so bedtime is 7:30pm!!  Either way, he wakes up between 6:30-7:00am most mornings!  He still sleeps with his two blankets every night, and has his two favorite corners that he likes to hold onto. :)

Caeden has improved beyond measure in the last 6 months on his behavior.  This past winter, I was at my wits tears every day, feeling hopeless, and begging God in prayer to "heal" our son.  He would throw major fits that were aggressive.  I won't go into details here but it was bad.  After much prayer and a consistent behavior chart that worked for him - he slowly grew out of these fits!  It's very rare for us to see him lose control in anger these days - and it's an amazing blessing!  He has also just grown to have a more sweet, sensitive, helpful spirit - truly!  I feel like sometimes he's a totally different kid than he was six months ago!  Thank you Jesus!  We have loved him through it all, but I definitely enjoy this "new" Caeden more!

Caeden finished his first year of actual preschool last week.  After being at Noah's Ark Learning Center for 3 years, he has finally grown to love school and love his friends.  On the last day of school, on the way home, I looked in my rearview mirror to see a tear rolling down his cheek.  After asking him why he was crying, he quietly choked out, "I just miss Ms. Brooke and Ms. Holly..."  The funny thing is I did this every. year....until middle school.  I'd always cry on the last day of school, missing my teacher. Ha!  Looks like Caeden may be the same way!

Caeden weighs somewhere around 35 lbs and is around 40ish inches tall.  He wears size 10 shoes and size 4T clothes.

He loves Callie so much and truly tries to take care of her.  He is a super great big brother- and I mean it!  He's so good to her!  Lately, he's been asking us (and praying to God for) a little brother... So....we'll see!  We've tried to make it very clear that sometimes we don't get to pick if we have another sibling, much less a brother....

Caeden, You are growing up and maturing in so many ways. It's so wonderful to see you change and develop. You are so smart, and I love your sweet spirit!  We continue to pray that you will come to realize your need for Jesus soon and accept Him into your life at an early age.  We love you!

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