Monday, June 16, 2014

Lions and Tigers and TRICKS, Oh My!!

Caeden has often asked to go to the circus for probably the last 2-3 years. He's finally to the age we felt he could appreciate the circus and really enjoy it! So last time he mentioned to Nonni that he REALLY wanted to go to a REAL circus- she was on it! 

10 days before the circus, Caeden had a package waiting for him. We FaceTimed Nonni....and Caeden opened the package. It was then he found out we were going to the REAL circus!! In his package were peanuts, a clown nose, some circus animal cookies, some circus activity pages and a countdown!! So each day, we glued a red ball onto our countdown and anxiously awaited "the day!"

Finally, on May 31, it was CIRCUS DAY!! We dropped Callie off at Nana & Papas house and headed to Tulsa with Nonni & Grandpa! This was the real Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey circus....and it was AWESOME!!

An hour before the circus started they had a pre-show down on the floor. We got to meet clowns, and watch lots of acts really up close! We even got to watch an elephant paint a picture!! We hadn't been there 10 min when the request for cotton candy was made. Caeden has been talking about getting cotton candy since he found out we were going. But this cotton was $14! Did you get that?!? FOUR. TEEN. DOLLARS!!! But this poor kid has counted on getting cotton candy for the last two weeks. Ha! So we're suckers and gave better bet it was the best-tasting cotton candy we'd ever had!! However, it came with a that was a bonus! ;)

Once the circus started, Caeden was hooked! And really was cool! We saw all kinds of amazing tricks and acts! Our favorites were...

The 7 motorcyclists all driving FAST in a steel ball at the same time!!

Watching the trainer with the lions and tigers!! This part made us anxious....but was so exciting!!

The elephants!! (Who could actually do pretty decent tricks too)!

We also loved the trapeze artists and the guy who rode his motorcycle on a high wire!! It was seriously stinkin' awesome!! We all had just as much fun as Caeden did! I have to say it just might be the "Greatest Show on Earth!" Thanks Nonni and Grandpa for taking us to the circus!!

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